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Wedding Celebrants do Perform Different Types of Ceremonies June 19, 2011

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You aren’t really sure how to tell your wedding celebrant that you are marrying someone that is from a different religious background and culture. Because of this you aren’t really sure what type of ceremony you should have. You aren’t sure whether the ceremony should reflect his religious beliefs, or your religious beliefs. This is the job for a wedding celebrant Perth, and the reason is they can help you make a decision based on what both of your needs are.

Many different wedding celebrants specialise in these specific areas, and this is the reason that you should book the services of a wedding celebrant early on in the planning of your wedding ceremony. A wedding celebrant can help you making decisions on what can be done about the differences with the religious issues that may affect your ceremony. You also have to take into consideration that not only you and the groom are getting married, as well is being from two different religious backgrounds, but you also have the parents that will be present at the ceremony that will have the same thing in mind.

Whether it is cultural differences, or religious differences, your Perth wedding celebrant can help you make the right decisions based on the information you provide. Your wedding celebrant has a lot of knowledge and skill at a lot of different type of wedding ceremonies, so 99% of the time they can help you with issues that may arise in regards to religious issues or other issues that may affect your ceremony such as the type of music, the location, and the legal ramifications.

When booking the services of a Perth wedding celebrant, this would be the perfect time to let them know what type of issues you need help with. Amongst all the other options they provide, your celebrant will want you to feel relaxed and well cared for before making the decision on the type of wedding ceremony they can perform for you. Your civil celebrant has a lot a skill when it comes to working with individuals with religious background differences, so keep this in mind when you’re booking your Perth wedding celebrant.


What type of event requires a Limo Hire? May 23, 2011

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A limo hire can be used for many different type of events but when people think about limo hires they normally have specific events in mind such as weddings, birthday parties, sporting events, or for business. These are only some of the events that can use the services of a Perth limo hire, because the decision is really based on your imagination. If you really think about it, if a person could afford it they would use a limo hire every day for everything they do. I mean, who doesn’t like to be driven around and treated like royalty on a daily basis?

If you had the opportunity to wake up in the morning and get ready for work, and all you had to do is step out of the door and jump right into your limo, you probably wouldn’t have an issue with this. Being catered to, and being treated like a celebrity is something that many people would love to enjoy as often as they can. But because of finances and certain situations in a person’s life, they can’t enjoy these special occasions every day. So with this in mind, it’s very important to understand that when a person can afford to provide something special for someone they love, a Perth limo hire can really come in handy.

We all know that when a special occasion comes around you will quickly go out, buy a card, and have a few people sign it, maybe stuff it with some cash, and call it a day. But have you ever thought of a limo hire for picking someone up at their place of employment and taking them to a special event that you had preplanned? This, my friend, is something very special and the reason is it doesn’t happen every day. Those every day things that are done become monotonous as well as expected. Doing something that is unexpected will catch someone off guard, as well as allow them to enjoy an experience they will remember for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter what the event is, it only matters what you’re trying to say, and whatever that is, use a Perth limo hire to say it.


What can a Wedding Celebrant bring to your Wedding Ceremony? May 13, 2011

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Many wedding celebrants didn’t start out as ministers or people that were passionate about joining people’s hands in marriage. There are some stories that some Perth wedding celebrants found their passion while at a wedding ceremony. This passion may have resulted from different situations that transpired at a wedding ceremony that related to something that either went wrong or something that didn’t happen at all. You may have found some of the same issues when attending a wedding for someone that you know, and you felt as though something were left out, or something that just didn’t happen but should have happened.

A good Perth based civil celebrant will bring something to your wedding ceremony that is so unique that when your audience leaves your wedding, they will reflect on one of the best ceremonies they have ever been in attendance. Your wedding celebrant will be a professional communicator, and this means they will be able to communicate with those that are in attendance, allowing them to fill comfortable and assured that everything is as it should be, and your wedding ceremony is on schedule. They know that some people are nervous and that they are not exactly sure what to expect, but your Perth wedding celebrant will put their minds at ease, and let them know that there will be no mistakes and everything is going as planned.

Your wedding celebrant also brings skill, and knowledge as well as professionalism and expertise. They have performed many wedding ceremonies in the past and they are very comfortable with performing yours. Many wedding celebrants have a deep passion for what they do. This means they will bring something special to your wedding ceremony, unlike someone that is unfamiliar with the meaning of holy matrimony. Although this may sound ridiculous, you may have been at a wedding ceremony in the past and felt as though the wedding celebrant almost had no sense of what was being accomplished. When looking for your Perth wedding celebrant, try to find someone that is just as excited as you are and they will make your wedding ceremony something very special.


Perth Wedding Directory April 19, 2011

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Just wanted to share a new Perth based wedding directory called

It’s still in the making, but photographers, limos, make up, ceremony locations and much more are all listed in there.

Check it out.


April 11, 2011

Your big day is fast approaching and most of your free time is spent planning for this. One of the most important decisions you will need to make will be a wedding photographer. Keep in mind this day will come but once in a lifetime and you only have one chance to get the best pictures. You don’t get another go at the wedding and these pictures will last you a lifetime. The main thing I tell people is to take your time.

There are many ways to look for a wedding photographer. One way I suggest is to look on the internet. As a professional I would suggest to strongly consider a professional to do the job for you. If they are an AIPP member this is also good as well. I am both of these things and I promise I will provide you and your special the very best of what I have to offer. I have personally won an award for a wedding album I created. I would be welcome to show you this.

I will also help you with the style you are looking for. I encourage you to come to me with your ideas. I will always listen to you and what your desires and wishes are. It’s important to me and those that work for me that every wedding we do is perfect. Please do not make your decision based just on the price alone. Allow me the opportunity to explain fully the services I provide. Please do know after the long day of your wedding and all the pictures that my job is far from over. It will take me another 30 or more hours to get your wedding album together.

So do keep in mind this is a very important decision. Do keep an open mind and be open to suggestions. My wish for you is that this person that you choose be that perfect match for you. This is very important and plays quite the role in making sure you day is a huge success. Knowing that you have made a decision will give you peace and mind. I have enjoyed telling you a little more about me. I am located in Perth for all your wedding needs, yet can travel all over the state if needed. I regularly shoot in Broome and Margaret River and have been overseas and interstate as their photographer.

Absolute and Alive Photography is my company and we offer wedding photographers in Perth.  We’re a small team that also includes wedding album designers.


Hiring a Wedding Photographer in Perth April 5, 2011

A wedding is one of the most important days in a woman’s life and capturing the memories of the wedding is very important. It is very important that you know exactly what to look for when hiring a wedding photographer. You should look at the photographers samples and references before you decide to hire them. Also you want to make sure their prices are reasonable if you re budget conscious by comparing 2-3. Another important thing is to make sure their personality matches yours, as you will be spending all day with them.

Wedding Portfolio

The first thing you should check out when looking for a wedding photographer is their portfolio. Always ask to see samples of other events they have been hired for. Ask them for references of their work. You want to make sure you will be getting great quality work from them. You will also be able to get more ideas for your big day by doing this.

Wedding Package Pricing

Next you should make sure the photographer’s prices are reasonable. Make sure you are not going over your budget when you choose your photographer. There are photographers that offer good quality for an inexpensive price. You just have to look around and don’t go for the first one you find.

Personalities & Style

You should make sure the photographer’s personality matches or is similar to yours. You want your photos to be perfect to you not someone else. If you like things simple and elegant you don’t want your photographer to be all over the place taking unnecessary photos because you will end up feeling like you wasted your money. You can usually tell what type of personality they have by the way they talk to you about your special day and even by their portfolio.

These are a few of the things you should look for when you are hiring a wedding photographer in Perth. Do not rush into any contracts. You want to take your time and plan properly, you will get better results this way.


Need some help with Father of the Bride Speech? February 6, 2011

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Speech Advise, Father of the BrideI get asked all the time for ideas when it comes to wedding speeches as I go to a lot of weddings, well each weekend I’m at least 1 but more than likely 2, so they are right. But I don’t really listen to the speeches as I’m too busy shooting the reactions of guest and bridal couple reacting to who ever is speaking at the time.

So, I’ve found some good wedding speech advise literature that can be downloaded, even on the day of the wedding, and help you write your speech.  Father of the Bride Speech help is my suggestion today.

Michael Johnson has put together a comprehensive guide to how to write a speech as “The Father of the Bride”.

This eBook has the following components in it that will help you write a great speech:

  • A step by step guide
  • 7 Secrets of speech making
  • 10 Sample Father of the Bride speeches
  • Your body language while speaking
  • Advise if you are short of speech ideas
  • 4 subjects to absolutely avoid talking about
  • A guide to checking your speech
  • As the father, what is your role on the day
  • How and where to write your speech
  • General writer’s technique
  • Over 30 wedding jokes, quotes and poems

As you can see, all you need is here in this book, even if you wanted to write a speech on the day. A quick guide to ensure that you look and sound great on the day, you can make your daughter proud of you even more.  All the gusts can be carried through the emotional roller coaster when the father of the bride gets up to speak.

Thanking your gusts for attending is maybe 10 seconds of your speech, yet it seems to be something that everyone says as they start. It’s all the other stuff you say that people will react to.

For some good speech advise, take a look at “Father of the Bride Speech Help” eBook.