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Need some help with Father of the Bride Speech? February 6, 2011

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Speech Advise, Father of the BrideI get asked all the time for ideas when it comes to wedding speeches as I go to a lot of weddings, well each weekend I’m at least 1 but more than likely 2, so they are right. But I don’t really listen to the speeches as I’m too busy shooting the reactions of guest and bridal couple reacting to who ever is speaking at the time.

So, I’ve found some good wedding speech advise literature that can be downloaded, even on the day of the wedding, and help you write your speech.  Father of the Bride Speech help is my suggestion today.

Michael Johnson has put together a comprehensive guide to how to write a speech as “The Father of the Bride”.

This eBook has the following components in it that will help you write a great speech:

  • A step by step guide
  • 7 Secrets of speech making
  • 10 Sample Father of the Bride speeches
  • Your body language while speaking
  • Advise if you are short of speech ideas
  • 4 subjects to absolutely avoid talking about
  • A guide to checking your speech
  • As the father, what is your role on the day
  • How and where to write your speech
  • General writer’s technique
  • Over 30 wedding jokes, quotes and poems

As you can see, all you need is here in this book, even if you wanted to write a speech on the day. A quick guide to ensure that you look and sound great on the day, you can make your daughter proud of you even more.  All the gusts can be carried through the emotional roller coaster when the father of the bride gets up to speak.

Thanking your gusts for attending is maybe 10 seconds of your speech, yet it seems to be something that everyone says as they start. It’s all the other stuff you say that people will react to.

For some good speech advise, take a look at “Father of the Bride Speech Help” eBook.