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A couple Perth wedding limo companies July 11, 2011

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A local Perth based wedding car directory has a few options when it comes to wedding cars:

Check out the local options.  Galleries and features can be viewed on each company.

A couple of the limousine companies are featured:

NB Limousines for their Chrysler 300c limo

chrysler limo hire perthand Belle Classic for their Classic wedding cars

limo hire perth


What type of event requires a Limo Hire? May 23, 2011

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A limo hire can be used for many different type of events but when people think about limo hires they normally have specific events in mind such as weddings, birthday parties, sporting events, or for business. These are only some of the events that can use the services of a Perth limo hire, because the decision is really based on your imagination. If you really think about it, if a person could afford it they would use a limo hire every day for everything they do. I mean, who doesn’t like to be driven around and treated like royalty on a daily basis?

If you had the opportunity to wake up in the morning and get ready for work, and all you had to do is step out of the door and jump right into your limo, you probably wouldn’t have an issue with this. Being catered to, and being treated like a celebrity is something that many people would love to enjoy as often as they can. But because of finances and certain situations in a person’s life, they can’t enjoy these special occasions every day. So with this in mind, it’s very important to understand that when a person can afford to provide something special for someone they love, a Perth limo hire can really come in handy.

We all know that when a special occasion comes around you will quickly go out, buy a card, and have a few people sign it, maybe stuff it with some cash, and call it a day. But have you ever thought of a limo hire for picking someone up at their place of employment and taking them to a special event that you had preplanned? This, my friend, is something very special and the reason is it doesn’t happen every day. Those every day things that are done become monotonous as well as expected. Doing something that is unexpected will catch someone off guard, as well as allow them to enjoy an experience they will remember for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter what the event is, it only matters what you’re trying to say, and whatever that is, use a Perth limo hire to say it.


Limo Hire May 13, 2011

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Limos aren’t just for royalty or celebrities anymore, but many of you can remember those days not too long ago that when you saw a limo it meant that someone very special was sitting inside. Many limos are not personally owned, because how would it really look if you owned a limo but you had to drive it yourself. The fact is, if you owned a limo you would also have to hire a professional driver to make it all worthwhile. This is where the Perth limo hire provides a perfect opportunity for you to book a limo hire any time you please, for any occasion or event.

Limos don’t cost half as much as they used to back in the early years of limousine madness, but for the individual, they can still be a bit expensive. If you’re planning some kind of event, you will more than likely want to spread the cost out over as many people as you can to make the whole experience as cost-effective as possible. With that being said, a Perth limo hire can provide wedding limos, prom limos, or limos for sporting event’s if you so choose. But you aren’t limited to these types of occasions.

If you really want to experience something really special you can go on a wine tasting tour and spend the day with a limo hire. Make some plans with a few of your friends to take a weekend and turn it into something really festive. A limo hire will make sure you are catered to and pampered as if you were a Prince or Princess. You and your friends can dress up really nice and enjoy your day being transported from one winery to the next, and impressing everyone along the way.

You could also change the tune a bit and instead of spending the day on a wine tasting tour, you can get together with your friends and have a ladies or gentlemen’s night on the town. A Perth limo hire company can provide a transport service that will allow you to explore the city of Perth as well as the excellent night spots. The occasions are limitless and you and your friends can experience the same feelings of wealth and royalty that many celebrities had years ago.


The Right Choice for Your Wedding April 20, 2011

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For those about to get married, you face a monumental task in preparing for your special day. The details that have to be managed to prepare for this day are extensive and can give even the most organized person a headache. As the flowers, food and favors are ordered the transportation issue often goes unresolved. In fact, many leave it until the last minute, making it an afterthought. If you want your departure to be as elegant as your wedding, you need to plan by finding a wedding limo in Perth. There are several to choose from, so you will need to take care in planning.

Rather than waiting until the last minute to book your wedding limo in Perth, you need to start the planning now. There are many limos available but you want the most regal of them all. Many limo companies keep their fleet well beyond the expiration date in order to save money. Unfortunately, you will come across as unprepared if your transportation does not reflect your best judgments. The groom must put as much thought into this as the bride puts into her beautiful wedding gown. After the nuptials, you will have hundreds of photos taken as you stand in front of your limo.

Hiring a wedding limo in Perth is not difficult. The first choice of many is the Chrysler 300c  stretch limo. When you have your photos in front of this vehicle, you will appear as royalty. Everyone who sees the photos in the future will know that you put thought into your choice and you will be lauded. If you hire the wrong limo, the dress will be ornate but the limo will detract. The 300c has the capacity to carry your entire wedding party to the reception.

Making choices for your wedding day is just the beginning of a wonderful life with your new bride. Making the wrong choice in your Perth wedding limos can set the tone. Those who hire the right service will be satisfied with their choice and end their day in style. Next to the bride, this is the most important decision a groom can make.


Limo Hire Perth Top Reasons to Rent a Limousine December 31, 2010

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Like all other big events, you want your wedding day to go smoothly.  One difference between your wedding day and other events is that your desire for everything to go smoothly is even stronger during this once-in-a-lifetime event.  In order to help your day go exactly as you want it to, you need to get your hands on quality transportation to get you around to different events of the day.  While there are many options available to you, you will surely find the decision of a limo hire Perth to be an advantageous one.  Here are the reasons why.

The first big reason to make use of a limo hire Perth is because it allows you to treat yourself to something you truly deserve on such an important day in your life.  The luxurious interior of a Perth limo is one you will not soon forget.  On a day when the way you remember the events is just as important as the fact that you are committing the rest of your life to someone else, spoiling yourself is certainly called for.  That is why many brides and grooms decide that a limo rental is perfect for them on their wedding day.

Perth Limos

The next big reason to hire a limo in Perth is because it gives you the attention you seek and deserve on your wedding day.  As you cruise down the streets, you will turn heads in your Chrysler 300c stretch limo, a sight that not everyone gets to see each day.  Limos make great photo opportunities that will allow you to remember your day in the best way possible.  Whether you choose a shiny white stretch limo or one that is glossy and black, you will feel elegant in your limo hire Perth.

Finally, the convenience of having a large occupancy vehicle on your wedding day with a courteous drive is certainly not something you would ever choose to give up.  Drivers of Perth limos are professionals who are both familiar with the area and great behind the wheel.  They are also considerate of your needs and will provide you with anything you want as long as it is within reason to request.  Everything you are looking for on your wedding day can be accomplished with your limo rental.  There truly are no disadvantages to a limo hire Perth, making it a great choice for your upcoming wedding day.

If you require limo hire in Perth, NB Limousines offer a  Chrysler 300c Stretch Limo.


Hire Limo Perth – Tips about Hiring a Limo in Perth November 21, 2010

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Hire Limo Perth – Tips about Hiring a Limo in Perth

When you consider your options to hire limos in Perth, it’s hardly ever a bad idea. You can be sure you’ll be getting an experienced driver who knows the local areas and won’t get you lost in Swan Valley or along the Swan River on the way to your  wedding ceremony. Many people hire a limo, sedan, or hummer for transportation to and from birthday parties, formal dances, and other big events. Weddings are probably the most popular reason to use a limo and it makes such great sense. You are relieving yourself of the driving and parking details. You are also making sure that everyone in your limo is safe and that you and your guests have a designated driver.

There are various makes and model options to consider when hiring limos in the Perth area. You will definitely want to consider the megastrech, Chrysler 300c limo. It seats up to eleven people comfortably. Other features include doors that flip up Lamborghini-style, custom wheels, and lovely two-tone grey interiors. Let an experienced driver worry about directions and traffic while you relax listening to music or watching a DVD. If you weren’t so excited to get to the wedding, you might wish the ride was longer. You can arrange for extended driver and limo rentals. Sometimes couples retain limo service for several short jaunts on the wedding day. Others use the limo for several days as they tour Perth.

When you get ready to hire limos in Perth, ask if gratuity is included or if you should plan to pay separately. Your driver will provide you with the ultimate service. Services will check ahead to avoid road work or roads that may be all together closed on your journey. They will make sure your limo is in top shape before heading out on the road to get you. If you have any special requests, talk about that with service providers as you make your reservation. Make your reservations early as limos are popular in Perth.

When you hire limos in Perth, you can often get multiple car rental package discounts. Let’s say you want a 300c megastretch limo to transport the bride and her parents and maid of honour to the ceremony. You can arrange to have another limo take the groom, his family and groomsmen and thereby preserve the mystery of the groom not seeing the bride until the ceremony begins. Limo services and drivers go extra effort to make sure the wedding party’s attire is guarded as they enter and exit limos via wheel covers.

For limo hire in Perth, check out the NB Limousines website.


Wedding Limo Hire in Perth – Chrysler 300c Stretch November 9, 2010

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NB Limousine’s Chrysler 300c arrived in October to Perth and now is available for wedding hire.  So if you are having a wedding and would like a stretch Chrysler 300c limo, NB is great to deal with.  You get 2 attendants at your wedding, so opening doors, getting food etc is so much quicker and better – it’s nice to have 2 people fussing over you on your big day, your bride’s maids will love it too.

A great feature of this wedding limo is that it has a 5th door, so getting in and out is very easy.


wedding limo hire perth, chrysler

Check out the photos that I did for them of their limo.  We had a great time shooting at East Perth that day.

You can read all about their wedding limo and how to hire it for your wedding in Perth on their website, so follow the link below:

Wedding Limo Hire Perth