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Wedding photographer in Perth, Margaret River, Broome

Perth Photography July 20, 2011

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A dedicated website to Perth Photography, showcasing work as well as information about the different types of photography.

Here is a list of types photography that is or will be discussed

  • Advertising photographer
  • Animal/Wildlife photographers
  • Architect photographers
  • Automotive photographers
  • Aviation photographers
  • Baby/Children photographers
  • Corporate/Industrial photographers
  • Erotica photographers
  • Event photographers
  • Family photographers
  • Famous photographers
  • Fashion photographers
  • Food photographers
  • Glamour photographers
  • Landscape photographers
  • Marine photographers
  • Nature photographers
  • Nude photographers
  • Portrait photographers
  • Product/Studio photographers
  • Public Relations photographers
  • Real Estate photographers
  • Sport photographers
  • Still-Life photographers
  • Wedding photographers

Check out the Perth Photography website for current information and also go back for more new content as ti’s added.

perth photography


Types of wedding photos you can have July 19, 2011

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You can get all types of wedding photos, and most of them all start of in the same way, in RAW out of a camera.

This article discusses the types of wedding photos on the Perth Photography website.

As a summary, these are some options:

  • Black and White Wedding Photographs
  • Using Sepia in Wedding Photography
  • Spot Colouring in Wedding Photography
  • Full Colour in Wedding Photography
  • High-Contrast Wedding Photography
  • High-Key Wedding Photography

Naturally, there are other types as each photographer applies his/her own method, but these are the most common ones.


Hiring a Wedding Photographer in Perth April 5, 2011

A wedding is one of the most important days in a woman’s life and capturing the memories of the wedding is very important. It is very important that you know exactly what to look for when hiring a wedding photographer. You should look at the photographers samples and references before you decide to hire them. Also you want to make sure their prices are reasonable if you re budget conscious by comparing 2-3. Another important thing is to make sure their personality matches yours, as you will be spending all day with them.

Wedding Portfolio

The first thing you should check out when looking for a wedding photographer is their portfolio. Always ask to see samples of other events they have been hired for. Ask them for references of their work. You want to make sure you will be getting great quality work from them. You will also be able to get more ideas for your big day by doing this.

Wedding Package Pricing

Next you should make sure the photographer’s prices are reasonable. Make sure you are not going over your budget when you choose your photographer. There are photographers that offer good quality for an inexpensive price. You just have to look around and don’t go for the first one you find.

Personalities & Style

You should make sure the photographer’s personality matches or is similar to yours. You want your photos to be perfect to you not someone else. If you like things simple and elegant you don’t want your photographer to be all over the place taking unnecessary photos because you will end up feeling like you wasted your money. You can usually tell what type of personality they have by the way they talk to you about your special day and even by their portfolio.

These are a few of the things you should look for when you are hiring a wedding photographer in Perth. Do not rush into any contracts. You want to take your time and plan properly, you will get better results this way.


Perth Photographers – Weddings November 15, 2010

If you’re planning a wedding you’ve probably got an extremely long “to do” list. Somewhere after “book a venue” and “pick a dress” you’ll have written “find a photographer”. If you’re looking for wedding photographers in Perth you should look for a dedicated wedding photography company so you can be confident that the magic and emotion of your special day will be captured in a way that is as unique as the bond you and your partner share.

Wedding photographer in Perth


Wedding of Stacey and Scott in Perth June 22, 2010

I compiled a short video of a wedding in Perth that I shot.

Stacey and Scott were married at Matilda Bay near the rowing club.  Their wedding ceremony was conducted by Brad Whitelock.

As a wedding photographer in Perth, I have the superb privilege to share some amazing moments throughout a couple’s wedding day.

if you are getting married in Perth, please contact me and I’d be delighted to help via my Perth Wedding Photographer Request Form.


Munja Gardens Wedding – Wedding Photographer in Mandurah February 6, 2010

I shot a wedding at Munja Gardens (Karnup) for Kerry and Ryan.  Kerry was a beautiful bride and wore her wedding dress with absolute style, needless to say Ryan was speechless when he saw Kerry for the 1st time when she walked down the isle with her father.

Their wedding ceremony at Munja Gardens also included a butterfly release ceremony which was spectacular.  The butterflies were awake and ready to go, how ever a few hanged around and gave me an excellent photo opportunity. I also nearly stepped on one of them by accident.

Here are some of their wedding photos from Munja Gardens

munja gardens, wedding photographer in perth

You can view their wedding at Munja Gardens photos from Peter (Wedding photographer in Perth)

Wedding Ceremony: Munja Gardens

Wedding Cars: Old 55 Limo (Chevrolet)

Perth Wedding Photographer: Peter from Absolute and Alive Wedding Photography

If you are getting married in Mandurah or surrounding suburbs we come down and still can cover your wedding day for you.


Perth Wedding: Farzaana & Simon February 2, 2010

I had  the privilege to photograph Farzaana and Simon’s wedding day in Perth.

They held their wedding ceremony at a park in Nedlands, followed by wedding photos at UWA and their wedding reception at The Royal Fresh Water Yacht Club.

Farzaana looked stunning, her wedding dress fit her perfectly and she was a princess bride on her wedding day.  She arrived on a horse and carriage to the wedding ceremony, which was just spectacular.

Their wedding photos can be viewed by following this link: Wedding at Royal Fresh Water Yacht Club

wedding photographer in perth, wedding, wedding ceremonye

perth wedding photographer

wedding photographer in Perth

Perth Wedding Photographer: Peter – Perth Wedding Photographer

For a wedding photographer in Perth, please fill out our wedding booking request form.


Perth Wedding Photos of Sara & Bryn July 28, 2008

I had yet another prvilege to photograph a wedding in Perth’s Swan Valley – Sitella Winery.

The wedding of Sara & Bryn who chose Sitella for its beatiful location/views.

wedding ring, wedding photographer in perth

wedding ring, wedding photographer in perth

Groom & Groomsmen - Perth Wedding

Groom & Groomsmen - Perth Wedding

Wedding Kiss.

Wedding Kiss.

Sitella Winery - Wedding Photos

Sitella Winery - Wedding Photos


Perth Wedding Photographer. Boutque wedding photographer June 23, 2008

Wedding Photographer in Perth, Western Australia.

A continuation of our boutique wedding photography approach, we’ve decided to have a few cards made up and I thought I’d share them.

We’ve designed some new business cards for us. trying to be unique in Perth is what we want to do, hence the new wedding business cards.

Boutique wedding photographer

Boutique Wedding Photographer in Perth, WA.

Perth Wedding Photographer, WA.  Boutique wedding photography in Perth, WA

Please fill out our Perth Wedding Photography Inquiry Form.  We will get back to you within a few hours, if not minutes.

We cover all of Western Australia. So if you are getting married in Broome through to Albany and including Margaret River, please do not hesitate to contact us.  It doesn’t cost more to have Absolute and Alive Wedding Photography cover your wedding outside of Perth.


Food Photographer in Perth June 11, 2008

Food photographer in perth.

Food photography is an art in iteself as you need to present the food in the most eadible way as possible.  You can’t smell the photos so the pictures have to be very strong in visual appeal.

These photos are for East 150, and will be used in promotional material around the hotel to show customers hwo good the new menu is and also in promotional brochures/pamphlets.

I took on a clean and white approach to this food shoot and the visuals are very appealing and make you hungry.

East 150 is a restaurant in Perth, in Ascot along Great Eastern Highway. 

Food Photographer in Perth


food photographer in perth

Usiing a shallow depth of field really brings out the fodo item in focus.  Not hiding the other items on the plate the customer can see and be enticed by other things.

food photographer in perth

Yum yum yum. and now for a desert photo 🙂

food photographer in perth, perth commercial photographer