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Professional AIPP Photographers in Perth September 4, 2011

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Perth photographers are available to handle your photography wishes without regard for the occasion or event.
If you’re wrestling to get a pro shutter-bug capable of handling the occasion that’s on the horizon for you, calling a local cameraman in Perth will permit you to experience what true pro photography is fundamentally about. Australia, generally, is the home of many pro AIPP photographers, and to find one that can successfully work for your wishes there are a couple of things you might want to consider.

Pro photographers all over Australia provide many various services for many sorts of events or occasions. This is not different when searching for Perth photographers to handle an event or occasion that you will have. Because of this there some things you must do so as to find the correct snapper which will work for you. These are some considerations : How long they have been in business You’ll always wish to know when you have approached a pro service how long they have been in business and how long they have been providing this kind of service.

This could be exceedingly crucial for you as well as your event or occasion because you can desire a person that has handled that kind of situation during the past. If they have, you wish to see some form of a portfolio or info that relates to that kind of event. What sort of packages do they supply This is another critical area as you always need to know the kind of packages they supply before booking their service. Each package will differ dependent on their services as well as your financial position.

Finding out as much info as you can with reference to their packages will help you over time because you may not require some things, but you could need others. What’s the value of their service If you are on a harsh budget for this actual occasion you’ll certainly need to exploit any specials or deals they will have when you are getting into contact with a pro photography service. Not all AIPP photographers can cater for every type of photography so it is vital to find someone that can supply precisely what you are after. Perth photographers are executives at what they do as well as the services they supply, so it’s going to be critical for you to do the research in figuring out what your particular desires are and how their services can be advantageous to your important day in a fabulous way.


Limo Hire May 13, 2011

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Limos aren’t just for royalty or celebrities anymore, but many of you can remember those days not too long ago that when you saw a limo it meant that someone very special was sitting inside. Many limos are not personally owned, because how would it really look if you owned a limo but you had to drive it yourself. The fact is, if you owned a limo you would also have to hire a professional driver to make it all worthwhile. This is where the Perth limo hire provides a perfect opportunity for you to book a limo hire any time you please, for any occasion or event.

Limos don’t cost half as much as they used to back in the early years of limousine madness, but for the individual, they can still be a bit expensive. If you’re planning some kind of event, you will more than likely want to spread the cost out over as many people as you can to make the whole experience as cost-effective as possible. With that being said, a Perth limo hire can provide wedding limos, prom limos, or limos for sporting event’s if you so choose. But you aren’t limited to these types of occasions.

If you really want to experience something really special you can go on a wine tasting tour and spend the day with a limo hire. Make some plans with a few of your friends to take a weekend and turn it into something really festive. A limo hire will make sure you are catered to and pampered as if you were a Prince or Princess. You and your friends can dress up really nice and enjoy your day being transported from one winery to the next, and impressing everyone along the way.

You could also change the tune a bit and instead of spending the day on a wine tasting tour, you can get together with your friends and have a ladies or gentlemen’s night on the town. A Perth limo hire company can provide a transport service that will allow you to explore the city of Perth as well as the excellent night spots. The occasions are limitless and you and your friends can experience the same feelings of wealth and royalty that many celebrities had years ago.


The Right Choice for Your Wedding April 20, 2011

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For those about to get married, you face a monumental task in preparing for your special day. The details that have to be managed to prepare for this day are extensive and can give even the most organized person a headache. As the flowers, food and favors are ordered the transportation issue often goes unresolved. In fact, many leave it until the last minute, making it an afterthought. If you want your departure to be as elegant as your wedding, you need to plan by finding a wedding limo in Perth. There are several to choose from, so you will need to take care in planning.

Rather than waiting until the last minute to book your wedding limo in Perth, you need to start the planning now. There are many limos available but you want the most regal of them all. Many limo companies keep their fleet well beyond the expiration date in order to save money. Unfortunately, you will come across as unprepared if your transportation does not reflect your best judgments. The groom must put as much thought into this as the bride puts into her beautiful wedding gown. After the nuptials, you will have hundreds of photos taken as you stand in front of your limo.

Hiring a wedding limo in Perth is not difficult. The first choice of many is the Chrysler 300c  stretch limo. When you have your photos in front of this vehicle, you will appear as royalty. Everyone who sees the photos in the future will know that you put thought into your choice and you will be lauded. If you hire the wrong limo, the dress will be ornate but the limo will detract. The 300c has the capacity to carry your entire wedding party to the reception.

Making choices for your wedding day is just the beginning of a wonderful life with your new bride. Making the wrong choice in your Perth wedding limos can set the tone. Those who hire the right service will be satisfied with their choice and end their day in style. Next to the bride, this is the most important decision a groom can make.


Perth Wedding Directory April 19, 2011

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Just wanted to share a new Perth based wedding directory called

It’s still in the making, but photographers, limos, make up, ceremony locations and much more are all listed in there.

Check it out.


Photo of Perth at Night March 24, 2011

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I know I’m a wedding photographer in Perth, and this photo is of Perth at night, but it was taken from the couple’s suite on their wedding day while we were getting ready to go to their reception.

Photo of Perth at Night

We had had a ball on their wedding day, and while I was waiting for my bride I thought I’d step out and have a a look at what’s going on outside from the balcony at Burswood.

You must admit that the view from their room of Perth at Night looks awesome.  I think that with a little Photoshop to clean up some of the distractions, we can get this evening photo to pop.

How look is the Swan River in this photo too?  It was very still that night, so the reflection of the city lights is great.


Caversham House Wedding February 9, 2011

I thought I’d share a video from a wedding I shot at Caversham House. The wedding day was amazing, it started of with great weather, had a little rain and then came good again.  Lucky that the rain came after the ceremony and only lasted a short time so we still got a great selection of wedding photos at the wedding venue.  Being a wedding photographer in Perth, I get to explore amazing locations for photos and share it with an amazing couple on their wedding day – not sure if I can call this work.

Rain is great, we got to use umbrellas and did a bit of water reflections, and the clouds always set an awesome background.

Consider Caversham House as a wedding venue in Perth if you are getting married here.



Perth wedding photographers December 7, 2010

Perhaps your most important decision when planning your wedding, after picking the venue, is choosing a photographer who will have the awesome task of preserving your special moments in pictures. Perth wedding photographers proudly display a number of credentials and certifications designed to offer you guidance and peace of mind when selecting your wedding photographic artist. By way of assisting you in understanding these organisations and making your very important selection here are a few things to look for.

It is always wise to check the referrals and testimonials of any wedding photographer. Most local wedding professionals have websites that feature samples of their work, statements of their philosophies and information on the various packages they offer. They will also display their membership credentials and affiliations for your perusal. Professionals may belong to one, some or all of these organisations.

One of the most prominent is the Australian Photography Association or APA. A non-profit organisation, they serve as a point of contact for photographers all over the continent and offer a wide range of services and grants to professionals. They can give you names of Perth photographers who are trusted members. The Perth Center of Photography also maintains a prestigious list of worthy photographers and can answer your questions and concerns.

The Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) has a good many wedding specialists among its venerable membership roster. You will discover that quite a number of Perth wedding photographers are in their ranks. There is also the Australian Photographic Society that maintains a membership list of the finest bridal photographers in the region. All of these honored resources make wonderful starting points when you are quite uncertain how to begin. You will be able to locate reputable Perth wedding photographers whose focus will be on you and your special day without undue delay or difficulty. When dedication and passion is what you require, a bit of research can uncover the perfect photo artist for your bridal.