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Food Photographer in Perth June 11, 2008

Food photographer in perth.

Food photography is an art in iteself as you need to present the food in the most eadible way as possible.  You can’t smell the photos so the pictures have to be very strong in visual appeal.

These photos are for East 150, and will be used in promotional material around the hotel to show customers hwo good the new menu is and also in promotional brochures/pamphlets.

I took on a clean and white approach to this food shoot and the visuals are very appealing and make you hungry.

East 150 is a restaurant in Perth, in Ascot along Great Eastern Highway. 

Food Photographer in Perth


food photographer in perth

Usiing a shallow depth of field really brings out the fodo item in focus.  Not hiding the other items on the plate the customer can see and be enticed by other things.

food photographer in perth

Yum yum yum. and now for a desert photo 🙂

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