Wedding Photographer in Perth

Wedding photographer in Perth, Margaret River, Broome

Margaret River Wedding Photographer January 31, 2008

I shot a small wedding in Margaret River, Western Australia last weekend.

There are some excellent photos from the day, where the wedding ceremony took place in Margaret River, Prevelly Park on the limestone look out point with the ocean as a back drop.
We then walked over the Prevelly Park Beach (Margaret River, WA)  (just opposite the cafe) and had the first photo session with the new bridal couple and their two dogs.

As this wedding started at 6pm, we didn’t have much time with the sun up, and we headed off to Leewin Estate (Margaret River) for their reception/dinner.  I took some excellent structured candid photos of Rach (the Bride) at the winery.

You can take a look at a short Video Summary from the day on YouTube:

And I’ve also posted most of their wedding photos from Margaret River on my websit: Margaret River Wedding Photographer

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wedding photographer in margaret river, wa, wedding photographer


Wedding Photographer in Perth January 21, 2008

Absolute and Alive is available to photograph your wedding in a un-intrusive and candid wedding style also known as photojournalism.

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Wedding packages start from $1,500.

You can look through our wedding photo galleries which are on our website. Or view our perth wedding photo gallery.

One of our wedding photographers can be contacted by filling out our wedding booking form.


wedding photography in perth, wedding cake

Wedding photography is about having fun with the bridal couple.  We had a great night with Heather and Anthony. 

This wedding cake was started off with a bite from the bride.

wedding cakes in perth, perth wedding cake, wedding photographer in perth

Candid photography, which is something we doing, has an aswesome effect and brings the wedding album to a new level.  It adds live, excitement and a spontaneous effect.

This photo started out in colour, then was converted to black and white then spot colour on the bride and the wedding cake was introduced.

This image is another great example of knowing the couple and the bride being comfortable in doing out of the norm things.  Candid wedding photos are our speciality.

For a wedding photographer in perth, please fill out a wedding booking form and we will get back to you.


Wedding Photogorapher in Perth October 31, 2007

I’ve just launched a new website that showcases some of my wedding photos in Perth, Western Austrlia.

Perth Wedding Photography

Here’s a sample image of one of the wedding photos, where a boy is having a blast.

Wedding photography in Perth    Perth Wedding Photography - Kids photos

Kids are always having fun, they don’t get serious on your wedding day, it’s all good as far as they are concerned.  There is a lot of laughs and smiles.


Wedding photos in sepia. Wedding cars on the move. Wedding shot in Perth October 22, 2007

Wedding photos have a look great when printed in Sepia. I took a series of wedding photos of this couple in their hot rod wedding car.

Wedding cars. Perth wedding photography

 The same wedding couple, where the bride is standing on the car and the groom beside her. This time, I’ve used a black and white wedding photograph and left the wedding card (wedding hot rod) in its natural deep red colour.

wedding cars. Wedding photography in perth


wedding photographer in perth September 24, 2007

For wedding photography in Perth, Western Australia, I’ve also registered a new domain.

Wedding Photographer in Perth

or you can click on a direct link to the wedding page that has dedicated wedding photography in Perth information.

We still have available days (including Saturday nights) this year to shoot weddings in Perth or anywhere in Western Australia. Our candid and un-intrusive approach will result in beautiful moments captured that will last more than a life time.

Your wedding day as a bride and groom will be captured by us and presented to you using colour and black and white photography. Photos in sepia tone are also beautiful. One of our specialties is to do spot colour, which is a black and white photo with some or one item in colour, which may be you wedding bouquet, or your wedding dress. I’ve uploaded a couple of photos below that illustrate wedding photo editing, what seamed like a couple walking away on a sem-booring day, has become a bride and groom walking somewhere romantic.

We photograph your day with two (2) wedding photographers on the day. This gives us complete coverage not just photographic angles, but also events. We can be with the bride getting ready as well as the groom getting ready at the same time.

We look forward to photographing your wedding day.

Wedding Photographer in Perth

Picture 1: Unchanged image “as shot”. Bride and Groom walking along a lake

UWA - Wedding Photographer in Perth - Before “as shot” Photo Adjustment

Picture 2: Image has been altered, adjusted. Can you see the 2 ducks now?

UWA - Wedding Photographer in Perth - After Photo Adjustment

Both images, just as any other image taken by Absolute and Alive Photography are subject to Copyright.


Sample wedding photos September 8, 2007

I’ve uploaded some wedding photos that I’ve taken.

My new website is still in development but very close to finalisation.

 Take a look at:

My wedding photos that I shot in Perth.