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TAAFC vs North Beach, Trinity Aquinas Amateur Football Club August 29, 2007

TAAFC (Trinity Aquinas Amateur Football Club) played again North Beach on 25th of August 2007.

Played at Billy Grayden Reserve in South Perth.

All the photos can be viewed on my website, TAAFC vs North Bach or

TAAFC won the game.

Some of the photos captured include:

sport photographer in perth, TAAFC

TAAFC, event photography in perth

George, photographer in perth, sport, even, weddings.

the boys from Trinity Aquinas Amateur Football club celebrating another goal

celbrations of a win by TAAFC.
singing the Boombers song. photography in perth

resting in the change rooms. TAAFC


TAAFC vs Scarborough, Triniti Aquinas Amateur Football Club August 20, 2007

This game was played last week, apologies for the delay.

All the photos can be viewed from:

TAAFC vs Scarborough


Trinity Aquinas Amateur Football Club – TAAFC vs North Fremantle July 22, 2007

TAAFC (9,21) lost last weekend against North Fremantle (15,13)

TAAFC played at home at Billy Grayden Reserve on the 21st of July 2007.

You can check out all the pics from here TAAFC vs North Fremantle or folow this link

TAAFC - Aggs moving the competition aside
Aggs pushing the opposition aside

The next TA’s recreuit
Is this one of the future TAs in the making?  Go Zac.

TAAFC vs North Fremantle, the boys at 3/4 time

3/4 time talk.

TAAFC vs North Fremantle, Sanches


TAAFC vs North Fremantle

 And another goal by TAs…


TAAFC vs Wesley-Curtin, Trinity Aquinas Amateur Football Club June 10, 2007

Best Contest/Spoil winner this week goes to #12 & #6 for putting one of the Wesley -Curtin boys into a mid air sandwich.

This week’s WINNER of the Contest/Spoil Award goes to #12 & #6 for the TAAFC Mid-Air Sandwich.

TAAFC boys had another win over the weekend.

Scores were:
TAAFC 10-11 (71)
Wesley-Curtin 7-12 (54)

TAAFC vs Wesley-Curtin (9 June 2007)

Mid air tackle by TAAFC #36
Mid Air Tackle

Bring back the biff. TAAFC vs Wesley-Curtin. Photo (c) by Piotr (Peter) Dancewicz
A bit of Biff

Googa definitely wins the contest.  Also a bit of biff in the background on the left. Photo (c) Piotr (Peter) Dancewicz
Googa going for a contest and owning it.

TAAFC #36 going for kick. Photo (c) Piotr (Peter) Dancewicz
This is how it would have looked in the old days to kick a footy





We’re the mighty fighting boomers!, We’re the mighty fighting boomers!,We’re the mighty fighting boomers! Boomers, Boomers, Boomers are we
We’re the mighty fighting boomers!, We’re the mighty fighting boomers!, We’re the mighty fighting boomers!…
… We always end up on the booze!! Boomers!!