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wedding photography in perth, wedding cake January 21, 2008

Wedding photography is about having fun with the bridal couple.  We had a great night with Heather and Anthony. 

This wedding cake was started off with a bite from the bride.

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Candid photography, which is something we doing, has an aswesome effect and brings the wedding album to a new level.  It adds live, excitement and a spontaneous effect.

This photo started out in colour, then was converted to black and white then spot colour on the bride and the wedding cake was introduced.

This image is another great example of knowing the couple and the bride being comfortable in doing out of the norm things.  Candid wedding photos are our speciality.

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  1. Arron Davies Says:

    that picture is so cool my friend has just arrived in perth. all the best in the future.

    Awesome shot
    Arron Davies

  2. 1stjournal Says:

    Nice photography

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